Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

The Directors and management of the Company recognise and respect the cultural and spiritual significance of the land to the indigenous peoples of Australia.

Comet Ridge will work closely with interested community groups and individuals to identify significant sites and any impact that these activities may have on them.

Comet Ridge is committed to reaching mutually agreeable outcomes on the effects of its activities on cultural and spiritual values.

Comet Ridge will specifically undertake to:

  • Respect and protect cultural heritage sites of regional significance and sites of local spiritual significance;
  • Embrace the intent and comply with the provisions of the Native Title Act and the relevant Petroleum Acts;
  • Communicate openly with Aboriginal people and local communities so that all relevant issues may be aired and understood by the participants; and
  • Involve Aboriginal people in the conduct of Comet Ridge operations’ where these operations impact on their cultural and spiritual heritage.

Comet Ridge is committed to the ongoing monitoring of the implementation of this policy and to amending its approach if the policy proves to be inadequate.

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